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The Wolfpack Theatre Company is the performance group for the theatrical arts program at Vista Ridge High School.  Auditions are open to the entire student body.  The rehearsal process is an intense experience and you will be required to be available each rehearsal leading up to and including all performances.  It is essential that all students understand the commitment prior to auditioning for a Wolfpack Theatre Production.


Audition Procedure

  1. Pay attention to announcements on the bulletin boards outside the Black Box or on Twitter and Facebook

  2. Pick up an audition sheet or download the sheet from this page

  3. Sign up for an audition time

  4. Prepare a short appropriate monologue.  Be sure to read the audition notice for what style of monologue is requested.  If you are auditioning for a musical, please prepare a short selection from a song in the style of musical theatre.  The resource page on this website would be a good place to start

  5. Be on time for your audition.  Arrive 15 minutes prior and sign in.

  6. Provide a simple picture stapled to your audition form

  7. If you are called back please arrive on time**


** A call back is another opportunity to be seen for a part in a play.  Sometimes the director wants to hear you read for a specific role against other actors or may simply want to see more from you.  A call back is not a guarantee that you will be cast in the production and not getting a call back does not mean you won'r be cast.

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